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When was the last time you went on a vacation in Haifa? The Carmel capitol offers a wide range of recreational activities for couples and families that perfectly fit the fantastic hospitality of VERT hotels by AFI Hotels. One of a kind experiences await you in Haifa that make it a true gem: beaches, manicured and inviting gardens, culinary tours downtown, and guided tours on foot in the various neighborhoods, museums for parents and children, cable-car ride, traveling exhibitions and many other activities. VERT Haifa hotels by AFI Hotels welcome you to have a vacation packed with experiences, fun and exceptionally cost effective, and at great proximity to all that is regarded interesting and a must do at the Carmel capitol.

A few interesting facts about Haifa:
  • Haifa is the third biggest city in Israel, with more than 285 thousand residents (as of 2019).
  • Haifa was established during the 3rd century BC, and became populated during the Bronze Age.
  • In 2008, the Bahai Garden in Haifa were declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
  • One of Haifa’s icons is the harbor, which is considered to be one of the two biggest trade harbors in Israel.
  • The nickname “Red Haifa” is derived from the many Histadrut members that resided there.
Hotels in Haifa
The beautiful Carmel capitol innovates and gets renovated, and that is already an excellent reason to book a vacation at VERT Haifa hotels by AFI Hotels. The city is teeming with many activities that are suitable for couples, families and business people: maintained beaches spanning more than 5 km of shoreline, the Carmelit that 50 years ago heralded the benefit of a subway, Bahai Gardens, a film festival and children’s plays, a collection of museums such as the Science Museum, Railway Museum, Japanese Art Museum and others, culinary tours and guided walks in picturesque neighborhoods, as well as many other activities. VERT Bay View Haifa hotel by AFI Hotels invites to for a cost effective vacation filled with experiences, great location overlooking a stunning view of Haifa bay. A stone throw away awaits you an urban experience of a vibrant city, and in the hotel you will get to indulge in superb meals, exquisite drinks at the bar, visit the local favorite long standing Chinese restaurant - China Bay, and enjoy a wonderful hospitality following the tradition of VERT hotels by AFI Hotels. Book your fun filled, cost effective and pampering vacation now in Haifa hotels - in close proximity to all that is regarded interesting and a must do at the Carmel capitol!
Haifa Bay View
HaNassi Blvd 101

The new Haifa Bay View hotel is on the top of the Carmel mountain and overlooks the spectacular view of Haifa Bay. The Haifa hotel offers 109 seaside rooms and suites, with modern decor in the shades of brown and yellow, and offering hospitality for recreational and business purposes. The hotel has a unique and vibrant entrance area, which includes an open lobby, restaurants and a bar that welcomes the hotel’s guests and surprises with relaxing seating areas in a vibrant style. For more information about the hotel
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