Accessible Vacation - Accommodating All Guests in the Chain’s Hotels

Crowne Plaza Hotel Chain has diligently worked to make all of their hotels accessible for guests with disabilities (with respect to movement, sight and hearing impairments).
In addition to the requirements by the Israeli Standards with respect to this important issue, we comply with the detailed instructions of the parent company overseas - the Global IHG.
Enclosed, please find information detailing the highlights of the current accommodations in all of the chain hotels for our guests with disabilities.
All of the chain hotels have accessible rooms, including wheelchair accessibility, wide doors, grab bars, distress buttons, audio systems, switch height adjustments, etc.
Accessible parking, including a convenient access to the hotel lobby.
Elevators are wheelchair accessible, built in PA system announcing the stops, floor levels are in braille.
Accessibility services in public areas.
Kits for hard of hearing.
Ramps and grab bars to facilitate accessibility in public spaces.
The front desk has a device adjusted for the hard of hearing.
Wheelchair lift at the hotel’s pool.
Tactile paving for the hard of sight
Staff members that received special training to assist our impaired guests at any time.

Golan Biton, Chain Accessibility Officer, after having received training and been certified, Mobile - 052-5888698

We recommend when making your reservation at one of the hotels to indicate the type of impairment and the options to best accommodate.

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