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Have you always wanted to take a completely relaxing and truly enjoyable vacation? The hotels in Eilat, the vacation capitol of Israel, await you. The secret is out: millions of visitors have already experienced a wonderful and unforgettable vacation stay filled with attractions, pampering and superb hospitality in the hotels of Eilat. Reserve a vacation at VERT Eilat hotel and rediscover the eternal sun city.

Eilat has nearly 50 hotels - a quarter of the total hotel rooms in Israel.
The average occupancy in Eilat hovers over 70% year-round. This is indeed a city that does not sleep.
Half of the Israelis night stay reservations are made in Eilat. Every year, approximately 3 million people visit the city, Israelis and tourists alike.

A few interesting facts about Eilat:
  • Eilat was occupied in 1949 after the Independence War was over and the “Ink Flag” was raised, and was given a city status in 1959.
  • Eilat’s biblical name was Ezion Geber. In Arabic, the city was called Umm al-Rashrash.
  • Eilat’s underwater observatory was opened in 1974, and became the first of its kind attraction in the world.
  • Eilat is one of the only cities in Israel that has a reef, which is the northernmost in the world.
  • Eilat is Israel's leading city for tourism, therefore several exemptions have been implemented, most notably the VAT is not imposed there.
  • Half of the Israelis night stay reservations are made in Eilat. Every year, approximately 3 million people visit the city, Israelis and tourists alike.
Hotels in Eilat
Looking to have a tranquil and relaxed vacation experience to the sounds of the sea and the desert? Would you like to enjoy an active family vacation, packed with activities and challenges? Come to vacation in Eilat - Israel’s official resort city. A vacation in hotels in Eilat guarantees a wide variety of vacation and recreational possibilities for couples and families.
Eilat is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a vacation, and want to be pampered with a true sense of freedom. At VERT Eilat hotel, you can unwind from the daily routine, and enjoy a pampering wellness vacation at attractive prices. Come for a change of scenery, and have the time of your life with friends or family all that Israel’s vacation capitol has to offer: spectacular view of the Red Sea and Edom Mountains, water sports and extreme sports, entertainment attractions and activities for children, hiking trails and guided tours suitable for all ages, cost effective shopping in the many malls in the city, vibrant nightlife and more.
VERT Eilat hotel offers a wonderful balance between recreational activities, experiences and pampering that you can feel from the moment you step in. While the children are having fun in the Game World, you can have all your senses charged at the spa, indulge in fantastic meals, partake in extreme activities, rest as you always wanted and forget about the cares in the world. Have you decided where you will stay on your vacation? You should know: VERT Eilat won a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor guests, so your choice this time is easier than ever.
VERT Eilat
Kamen Street, North Beach, Eilat

Take a moment to relax in the hotel’s decorated rooms and enjoy a splendid view overlooking the sea and lagoon. The suites and rooms offer pampering accommodation options and are suitable for both a couple and family vacation. All rooms have modern and state-of-the-art equipment. It’s just up to you on how you’ll spend your vacation. 
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