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Book a vacation in hotels in Jerusalem for a different and more special experience than anything you know. The crisp air, ancient views rooted within the Jewish People history, and the wonderful ambiance of the city that is holly for the three religions. All these enhance a vacation in Jerusalem with sentimental and unforgettable moments.
But when you talk about hotels in Jerusalem, and the exceptional Jerusalem and cosmopolitan style hospitality experience, you are talking about VERT Jerusalem hotel, which is regarded as one of the most luxurious and famous hotels in Israel in general and in the capitol city in particular. The hotel is located at the top of Givat Ram near the International Convention Center, a walking distance from the Museum of Israel, Science Museum, Israeli Knesset, the Supreme Court and the Government Campus. The rooms and suites have windows that gain access to the air and atmosphere of Jerusalem while overlooking spectacular views of the ancient and new city scenery.

A few interesting facts about Jerusalem:
  • Jerusalem is the second biggest city in Israel, with more than 865,720 residents (as of 2015).
  • At the entry to Jerusalem, at Beit Zayit Center, there is an archaeological site of dinosaur footprints.
  • During the period of the Second Temple, the ancient city was 3 times as big as it is presently (850 Dunam presently).
  • The Western Wall is a remnant of the western wall of the Temple Mountain, not of the actual temple.
  • Jerusalem is the only city in the world that has three sacred locations for Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
  • The Western Wall is longer and taller than what the naked eye can see, and it is 480 meters deep under the surface.
  • 80 people in Israel are named Jerusalem as their first name. Only eight of them reside in Jerusalem.

Hotels in Jerusalem
VERT hotels in Jerusalem afford you the perfect luxurious vacation in the holy city. The city that was joined together offers a wide variety of fascinating hiking trails that connect you to the history of the Jewish people, and lets you be closely acquainted with magnificent tourist attractions. Take in the unique city ambiance, and explore an amazing and exclusive combination of history and innovation, vibrant markets, holy sites and spectacular views.
VERT Jerusalem welcomes you to a perfect vacation as only VERT hotels can offer: a pleasant and relaxed wellness ambiance with the perfect balance between world class hospitality, ultimate fine dining experience, superb facilities, and spectacular view that can be seen from all the windows of the rooms and suites.
Between the tours and the experiences, you will have many perks to enjoy, for instance superb chef prepared meals, health club and Spa that offer a wide array of treatments, a gym furnished with state of the art equipment, Game Club for children, and an indoor heated semi-olympic swimming pool, surrounded by manicured lawn and lounge chairs.
Of all the hotels in Jerusalem, VERT Jerusalem is regarded as one of the most desirable hotels in lieu of the superb service level and the vacation experience quality. The hotel was even awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor guests. Akin to other VERT hotels, VERT Jerusalem observes preserving the environment while using echo-friendly materials, digital check-in services instead of paper, advanced recycling, and maximum energy saving by using solar power. Book a vacation at VERT hotels in Jerusalem, and you will be sure to have a wonderful vacation with experiences that will make you yearn for more.
VERT Jerusalem
Right by the Jerusalem International Convention Center, at the city’s entrance.

Take a moment and enjoy a magical city full of history and splendor at VERT Jerusalem Hotel, one of the best hotels in the city. There is a breathtaking view of the city below from the hotel’s location in the Givat Ram neighborhood. The hotel is close to the Jerusalem International Convention center, and within walking distance to the city’s top museums, Knesset (Israeli Parliament), Supreme Court, and Central Station. More information about the hotel.
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