Tel Aviv Hotels

Among the hotels in Tel Aviv and in Israel, the three Crowne Plaza business hotels stand out and are particularly in high demand, and offer superior class hospitality experience: Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv hotel located by the beach and promenade, Crowne Plaza City Center hotel at Azrieli Center Complex, and Indigo Tel Aviv hotel, which is located at the heart of the Diamond Exchange District. The three hotels are brands owned by the international hotel chain IHG, which includes more than 5,000 hotels worldwide. Akin to them, Tel Aviv’s hotels comply with the chain’s international standards and offer service accordingly.
Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv hotels offer the very best for Israeli and foreign business people: an excellent desirable location close to all that is regarded as interesting and essential in the city, an opportunity to experience hospitality tailored specifically for them, and business services that let them manage their day without abandoning the pleasures of the business vacation.

A few interesting facts about Tel Aviv-Jaffa:
  • Tel Aviv was established as “The First Hebrew City” in 1909.
  • Jaffa harbor is one of the oldest harbors in the world. Its name is mentioned in the bible and in ancient Egyptian scrolls.
  • The name “Tel Aviv” is a translation of Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl, “Altneuland”.
  • Underneath the Kirya, in the Sharona area, lay secret tunnels that were made by the Templars in 1872.
  • Modern Tel Aviv is the biggest center of Bauhaus architecture.
  • In 2003, Tel Aviv was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Cultural Site (”The White City”).
  • Neve Tzedek, the first neighborhood outside the walls of Jaffa, started in 1887 at Shimon Rokach house.
  • Tel Aviv is the second biggest city in Israel, with more than 432,892 residents (as of 2015).
Hotels in Tel Aviv
There are many ways to explore Tel Aviv, but the best way is to book a vacation at Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv hotels. The hotels are located at the most sought after tourist and vacation sites: the renovated promenade, close to the beach and the bustling marina, at Azrieli Center - a walking distance from the renowned leading cultural centers of the First Hebrew City, and at the naval of the Diamond Exchange District with the variety of restaurants and business centers there.
When you wish to make a hotel room reservation, Tel Aviv is the preferred choice, especially Crowne Plaza hotels that received a high score from Trip Advisor visitors. The proximity to the offices of Israeli and international companies, renowned chef owned restaurants and main traffic arteries that will take you swiftly and precisely where you need to go, make Crowne Plaza hotels in Tel Aviv to the best choice for business people that seek a cost-effective vacation.
Do you have some spare time in your busy schedule? Then make the most of it by recharging and enjoying the variety of attractions the city has to offer around the clock: from quaint little coffee shops, to recommended exhibitions or prime movies at the Cinematheque, to the night life that is always unexpected even for savvy tourists.
In Crowne Plaza we always believe that comfort is an integral part of the hospitality experience, and it starts when making the hotel room reservation: in addition to an easy, simple and convenient booking process, you will also enjoy attractive prices on our website. Join the VERT community now, and enjoy the perks, starting from the first time.
Hotel Seanet Tel Aviv

With an ideal location just minutes away from the Tel Aviv coastline, Sea Net Hotel Tel Aviv is the perfect getaway. Promising personal hospitality, the hotel's 70 rooms are cozy and comfortable. All rooms are air conditioned and include a bath/shower, cable TV, safe, hair dryer, telephone, and free internet access. Sea Net guests can also enjoy an intimate lobby, and a meeting room for up to 40 people for functions and events.
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Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv Beach
HaYArkon St. 145, Tel Aviv

When we talk about iconic hotels by the sea, we mean the Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv Hotel. Its fantastic location on the sea and the promenade near the marina, makes it the hotel of choice for tourists, couples and business people looking for the perfect vacation. Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv is close to everything that’s interesting to see and do in the city that never rests: the colorful nightlife, cultural and art centers, cafes and restaurants, shopping entertainment and experiences, and of course mesmerizing sunsets.
 Click here for more information about the hotel.
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Crowne Plaza City Center
136 Menahem Begin

The leading business oriented hotel in Israel brings you everything the Big Apple has to offer: New York ambience, urban experience, business attitude and international standards. You will enjoy high quality hospitality at the hotel: exclusive service, trendy design, pampering comfort and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Additional information about the hotel
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Indigo Tel Aviv
Ahaliav 5, Ramat Gan

Indigo Tel Aviv Hotel and Spa, is one of the upscale  boutique brands of the IHG world leading hotel chain. A piece of paradise at the heart of the business district, between Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan. 10 minutes from Azrieli shopping center, and most corporate offices, 15 minutes from Tel Aviv beach, 20 minutes from Ben Gurion airport. Close to Ramat Gan ‘Yahalom’ theatre that offers a variety of shows, the new restaurant complex “Containers” and in the center of Tel Aviv’s night life and vibrant bars. Additional information about the hotel
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Poli Urban Hotel Tel Aviv

Everybody talks about the new POLI URBAN TLV ! What's the buzz ?
A perfect Tel Aviv vacation, literally 2 minutes from the beach and promenade .
What Mood are you in today ? Poli Urban is a boutique hotel that adapts to your mood.
We are here, with a gorgeous design ( take lots of pictures and do not forget to tag us),
a chic hospitality experience in an iconic location. 52 beautiful rooms that fit couples, and a hot wine bar with a colorful menu. This plus all the possible Tel Aviv experiences await you at walking distance, so clear your schedule and come meet the most mostest city in Israel.
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