Netanya Hotels

Half an hour drive from the center district, hotels in Netanya welcome you for a wonderful urban vacation. The Sharon district capitol of Israel offers a variety of recreational activities that can be perfectly incorporated into any couple's retreat, business or family vacation: Nine beautiful beaches, manicured promenades spanning from the northern part of the city to the southern neighborhoods, lush parks and nature reservations, hiking trails, vibrant shopping centers, colorful markets, museums and more.
VERT Hotels in Netanya welcome you for a pampering stay enveloped in a wellness ambiance with the perfect balance between lifestyle and fun, fine dining, and world class service.
Some Interesting Facts About Netanya:
  • The City of Netanya was established in 1929, and was given city status in 1948.
  • The diamond industry which thrived there in the past gave it the nickname “City of Diamonds”.
  • Netanya is named after the philanthropist Nathan Straus. It is the largest city in Israel that is named after a person.
  • As of the Declaration of Independence, Netanya is the first settlement that was formally given a city status.
  • During the 50's and the 70's, Umm Al Khaled digging site was excavated and prehistoric remains were found there.
  • Netanya is the Sharon district capitol of Israel, and since 2007, it is also known as the sports capitol of Israel.

Hotels in Netanya
Are you looking for a business or family vacation, or a couple's retreat at the perfect location by the sea? VERT Netanya hotels with their elegant design, trendy ambiance and quality facilities  welcome you to have a pampering wellness vacation with a spectacular view to the gorgeous beaches,  You’re welcome to enjoy on your free time with everything the Sharon district capitol has to offer: Get a lovely tan at one of the neighboring beaches, take a stroll at the manicured promenades and parks, go hiking at the gorgeous nature reserves, go shopping at the shopping centers that offer the best available brands as well as visit the colorful markets and check out the museums, etc.
Take a moment, and see what VERT Lagoon Netanya Hotel has in store to make any vacation an unforgettable experience: 272 suites and rooms with balconies overlooking the sea, gorgeous beach and promenade neighboring the hotel, scrumptious meals made with fresh quality ingredients, health and fitness activities to promote a wonderful wellness experience, a beautiful outdoor semi-olympic infinity pool, shallow water pool, luxurious spa that includes a real Turkish bathhouse, wet and dry sauna, and quick access to the center of the city via main thoroughfares.
Akin to the rest of VERT Hotels, VERT Lagoon Netanya also adheres to a green environmentally friendly philosophy with respect to vacationing: Check-in procedure and guest information are done digitally instead of using paper, strict recycling policy, enhanced use of natural and biodegradable materials, reducing use of plastic, using solar power in order to conserve energy, and more. VERT Hotels believe that convenience is an integral part of the hospitality experience, and it starts when you place a reservation for a room at the hotel: In addition to an easy, simple and convenient booking process, you will also benefit on our website from fantastic prices. Join now to the VERT Community, and take advantage of the benefits in every vacation you take, starting from the first time.
VERT Lagoon Netanya
Kehilat Tsefat St 1, Netanya

Take a relaxing moment for yourself and enjoy the beautiful natural green surroundings and blue sea. The VERT Lagoon Netanya Hotel is the most luxurious of all hotels in Netanya. The hotel overlooks the Mediterranean coastline and offers the perfect mix of elegance, luxury, and lifestyle. The hotel’s surroundings are the source of inspiration for its unique design.  
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