Privacy Policy

Our websites are using “cookies” and other similar technological means for the purpose of proper and ongoing management, and in order to improve our services. Cookies are small files embedded on the browser and/or the device of the user browsing the site, and they serve the website and its systems to identify the user and collect information about his behavior on the website.

Some of the cookies we use are intended to make the website run in a secure and proper way, and without embedding them on your browser, the website will not function properly. Another part of the cookies we use, is intended to collect statistical data and other data about your use of the website. We are using these data in order to improve the website, adjust it for you, remember your login information so you do not have to enter it every time you login again, etc. Also, we are using cookies that refer to or submit information to third party systems for statistical learning and analysis purposes about the use of the website, and for the purpose of identifying your personal preferences and adapting the browsing and advertisements shown to you on the website. We use some of this information and these systems in order to adjust the advertising we are doing on the website and on other social networks to your needs and ours.

If you do not wish to accept cookies while browsing our website, you can avoid it by changing the settings on your browser, and blocking the option of embedding cookies. You can also delete your browser’s history at any time, which will also delete the cookies that were embedded on your browser. However, this may impact the experience of using the website.

Additionally, please note that when using and browsing the website you will see advertisements and offers we did not place directly, but rather were placed by third parties that have our permission to advertise on the website. These third parties may and can use cookies that are not directly related to the website, subject to the privacy terms of the aforementioned third parties.

Using Your Information
We may use your personal information to contact you for the purpose of providing services, coordinating the stay at the hotel and/or changes or updates about your reservation, updates about your personal information stored in our systems and/or changes in our privacy policy, providing better service to you and your family during your stay at the hotel and any future stay, replying to your queries and/queries about your information, keeping you, the other hotel guests and staff safe, complying with the law, as well as any other use intended to help you enjoy the hotel’s services in an organized and safe fashion.

Additionally, we use your information for statistical and aggregated purposes, along with other customers’ information, for the purpose of improving the service and streamlining the hotel’s operations, while protecting your privacy, and minimizing the use of your personal information whenever possible.

Finally, we may use the contact information you supplied us with in order to send you marketing and commercial offers, messages about sales and special offers; send you a periodical newsletter with offers and updates, and adjusting these offers to your needs. However, please note that this use is done subject to the Law’s directives and receiving your consent. In any case you do not wish to continue to receive these marketing related offers, you may contact us to remove you from our mailing list.

The legal basis for collecting and processing your information by us may stem from one or several legal sources, among other things, the existence of a contract between us and providing you with services per your requests, protecting our business and legitimate interests, complying with a legal requirement or having received your consent.

The information you provide us with will be stored in our systems and databases for a varying time period, per our business interests and the law’s directives. This period will be set, among other things, per our need to provide you with a better service in the future and on your future stays, provide you with commercial and marketing related offers as aforementioned, and comply with the law, as well as ensure our legal interests in any case of future complaint and/or dispute, should they happen.

Securing and Keeping Your Information
We are committed to secure and protect your information, and use standard and suitable protection measures to secure and protect the intactness and confidentiality of the information stored in our systems. However, and similarly with any other system, we cannot guarantee in a full and absolute way the security of our systems, and therefore, we do not undertake that our databases are completely immune from any hacking and/or unauthorized access.

We ensure that any submission of information to a third party within the scope and for the purpose of our business operation will be carried out subject to processes and procedures that ensure that the aforementioned third parties implement and enact proper and satisfactory procedures and security measures.

Submitting Information to a Third Party
We may submit the personal information you supply us with to third parties in order to provide you with services, for instance for the purpose of making a reservation at the hotel. Also, we may submit your personal information to third parties under other circumstances, for instance when we are legally required to, or when we are permitted to do so per the Law and our commercial interests.

Additionally, during the scope of our ongoing operation, we may receive assistance and/or use external systems and suppliers that provide us with various services.

In such a case, we ensure to use suppliers and systems with high level of security and privacy protection, as well as ensure that the aforementioned supplier will only receive the information needed to carry out the required services, subject to their undertaking to protect the confidentiality of the information as stipulated, and subject to receiving guarantees and undertakings concerning our legal requirements.

Reviewing the Information, Revising and Deleting
Per the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981, any person is eligible to review information stored in a databased that concerns him. You, of course, also have this right. If you review the information we have stored about you and find it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or dated, you may contact us to request to revise the information or delete it. Additionally, and with respect to information that only refers to direct mailing service to you (as prescribed by the Law), you may demand we remove your contact information from our database. In this instance, we will delete the information used to send you commercial related offers, but we may still keep other information about you in our systems and databases, as per the law’s directives. You may contact us regarding this matter using the email address detailed in the beginning of this policy.

We will reply to your query as soon as possible. If your request is declined, you may contact the magistrate court as prescribed by the Law, and request the court will instruct us to oblige your request.

Note that the European Union residents may have additional rights per the European regulation, and if this is applicable, you may contact us with any request as aforementioned.

Updating and Changing the Privacy Policy
We may change and update from time to time the Privacy Policy. If material changes are made to the terms of the Privacy Policy that refer to the personal information about you that we store, an announcement will be posted on our website. By using and continuing to use our website, staying at our hotel and purchasing our service, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy, and to the changes to be made from time to time.
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