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Paradispa Spa

Sometimes, you just need to unplug from the daily stress, take a deep breath and simply be in tune with your body. For these moments precisely, the luxurious and trendy Sparadisey Spa is intended for, at Tel Aviv Indigo hotel and spa. The hotel’s spa floor includes 5 therapy treatment rooms, including one for a couple, having simultaneous romantic therapeutic massage treatments, and offers an ideal solution for people that look for a spa hotel in Tel Aviv, while placing maximum emphasis on complete privacy and maximum comfort. The spa’s meticulous design exudes a sense of another dimension. The elegant and relaxed ambience, and the variety of massages and pampering treatments provide the perfect tranquility and relaxation experience for the body and mind.
The spa includes:
5 Therapy treatment rooms (one for couples- there is a 50 ILS surcharge for booking the couple therapy room)
Dry Sauna (separate men/women dressing rooms, and suitable to up to 6 people at the same time).
Deep Tissue Massage
Slow, deep, focused and intensive treatment for sore muscles, stress points and pain.
Combination Massage
Massage that combines different elements and massaging techniques. It alleviates sore muscles and leads to rejuvenating the body.

Rooftop Infinity Pool on the Hotel’s Roof

You are welcome to immerse yourselves in one of the most beautiful pools in Israel. We highly recommend as a means of having fun at the hotel to enjoy a day of sun, tanning, and dipping into the cool water, reading a book or a newspaper, and of course, how can you avoid taking an unforgettable picture for instagram.

Yahalom Theater

On your vacation at Indigo hotel, you can enjoy the variety of shows and performances at the Yahalom Theatre which is a very short walking distance. Yahalom Theatre is at the heart of the Diamond Exchange District, and serves as a cultural and art center, where every evening shows are played for adults and children, concerts, entertainment performances, etc. The theatre building, which began to operate in 2011 has a hall with 550 seats and it is built in a circular form, which creates an intimate ambiance. Also, the portico building is used to showcase traveling exhibitions, meet-ups, cultural activities, etc. Additionaly, within the scope of the theatre’s activities, annual drama classes are held, summer camps, drama and plastics art workshops for children and teens.

“Containers” Food Court

There is a lovely unique food court a short walking distance from the hotel. Among the office buildings at the Diamond Exchange District, a colorful urban containers food court was recently set, which combines a culture of hospitality, food, drink and music year-round. You can find five industrial and recycled containers at the food court in green, yellow, and bright red, which bring vitality to the area, and invite the general public to enjoy an assortment of culinary cuisines. In the space between the containers, there are many shaded seating areas, and all around there is plush vegetation that offers a moment of peace from the commotion of the day.
The containers offer dishes from various cuisines, and accommodate everyone per their preference. Among the containers at the food court that will take you on a delicious tour around the world: the Asian container “Soy” owned by chef Shachaf Shabtay of “Nithan Thai”, the Italian container “Fiori” and the meat based menu serving container “Paris Texas” owned by chef Amir Ilan. Additionally, the container “Twenty Coffee Station” operates on site as a coffee shop, and a Karlsberg bar container offers cold beer.
The containers food court is at 21 Tuval Street (facing the Yahalom Theatre) and it is piloting presently on Sunday between 11:00 AM-03:30 PM, and on Monday-Thursday between 11:00 AM-11:00 PM, Friday-Saturday - coming soon. In the end of the pilot period, the hours of operation will be posted on the official food court's website.

Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan

The Diamond Exchange is a short walking distance from the hotel, and it offers among other things a variety of guided tours. You can book private guided tours, tours that include an introductory diamond refining workshop, etc. The hotel staff will be happy to assist in coordinating a guided tour that’s right for you.
The Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan is one of the largest in the world, and serves as a source of pride for Israel. The Diamond Exchange was created in 1937, and since then it flourished and became one of the biggest diamond trading centers in the world. Every year, the Diamond Exchange imports raw diamonds valued at approximately five billion dollars, and exports overseas refined diamonds valued at ten billion dollars. The Diamond industry is one of Israel’s important exporting fields.

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