Top things to do in Tel Aviv


Carmel Market
Carmel Market is located 10-minutes’ walk from the Gilgal Hotel. This bustling market ensures visitors an authentic experience with its colorful stalls, assorted aromas and mix of sounds which together provide the perfect recipe for an unforgettable tour of one of Tel Aviv's oldest and most intriguing markets. Aside the traditional stalls selling a variety of fruits, vegetables and spices, you can also visit the market’s small shops, cafes and a range of trendy eateries.

Nahalat Binyamin
Nahalat Binyamin Street, adjacent to the Carmel Market, has been known as a home to artists and creators, for years. Visit on Tuesdays and Fridays to watch sculptures, painters, glass artists, and more. This is the perfect place to find original and special gifts or souvenirs.

Tel Aviv Port
Tel Aviv Port is one of the city's well-known, non-stop, and famous entertainment centers. If you are not in a hurry, you can take a leisurely half-hour walk from Gilgal Hotel, along Tel Aviv’s beautiful promenade and enjoy the sights and sea air, on your way. Following a complete ‘face-lift’, Tel Aviv Port is today a stylish entertainment complex for couples and families, offering a wide range of entertainment and recreation activities, sport attractions, shops, dining options, eateries, and bars.

Tel Aviv Promenade
Tour Tel Aviv promenade with your bicycle, electric bike, skateboard, scooter, hire a ‘Bird’ or opt for the traditional on-foot option. A fine selection of restaurants, pubs and cafes are scattered along the promenade, perfect for taking a well-deserved break to enjoy the sea air! The promenade provides access to beautiful beaches from north Tel Aviv to the south of Jaffa.
The Station  
This complex soon became one of the hottest attractions in Tel Aviv. Near the trendy Neve Tzedek and Manshiya neighborhoods, approximately 20-minutes’ walk from the Gilgal Hotel, stands the first train station that used to operate between Turkey and Egypt and replaced the camel caravans transporting heavy loads. The station has been carefully restored and turned into a vibrant urban complex with cafes, restaurants, and intriguing boutiques that blend in with the historic setting. In the evenings, cultural events are held alongside exhibitions by Israeli designers, artists, and creators.
Dizengoff Center
This shopping mall was established in the late 1970s and today, 40 years after its establishment, still attracts thousands of tourists and partygoers every week. Dizengoff Center covers 102,000 square meters and offers approximately 400 stores selling fashion, optics, jewelry, footwear, books, home styling and housewares, designer items, electronics and computers and music. The mall also offers a range of cafes, restaurants, cinemas and more. The mall is located approximately 13 minutes’ walk from the Gilgal Hotel, and every Friday holds a food fair selling varied authentic home cooking dishes.

Old Jaffa
One of the oldest cities in the world and home to an ancient port that today serves as a meeting place full of entertainment options. Old Jaffa can be reached in a leisurely half-hour walk from the Gilgal Hotel, and on Saturdays artists' fairs and street performances are held.  Visit the nearby Kedumim Square, enjoy spectacular view of Tel Aviv and a variety of excellent, leading restaurants, the famous flea market, beautiful cobblestone streets, pastoral alleys and awesome cafes that attract curious tourists who enjoy the food and unique ambience.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Seeking to soak up some local and international culture? Don’t miss a visit to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which, since its establishment in 1932, has become one of the most important museums in Israel displaying contemporary art. During your visit enjoy viewing important works by great artists such as Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Oscar-Claude Monet, Roy Lichtenstein, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Salvador Dalí, Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt and more. The museum can be reached by bus (line 25) from the Carmel Market area in Allenby.

Ha’Yarkon Park
If you are looking to find a tranquil spot, surrounded by nature, in the bustling Tel Aviv metropolis…look no further! Ha’Yarkon Park, with rich vegetation, spreads out over 3,500 dunams and offers a relaxing escape for all ages and anyone needing a change of scene from the surrounding concrete jungle. Enjoy the spectacular, well-kept tropical garden, and rock garden, explore beautiful hiking trails decorated with thousands of species of plants, our rent a bicycle and pedal along the trails on the banks of the river that runs through the park.  Catch bus number 5 to directly reach Ha’Yarkon Park from the Gilgal Hotel by bus (line 5).

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