Experiences and Attractions VERT Lagoon Netanya

VERT Lagoon Netanya


Sea and Promenade

The sea promenade is a real attraction for vacationers in Netanya and boasts 13.5 km of beautiful beaches!
The rock ridge above Netanya’s shores overlooks the Mediterranean sea. The southern part of the ridge can be seen from the hotel, offering spectacular views of the turquoise-colored water.
Lagoon Beach is located right next to the hotel. This spectacular beach offers various beach services and special activities for hotel guests.
Another highly recommended beach near the Lagoon is the Amphi Beach located right under the city’s amphitheater.
Here you can take advantage of a variety of water activities, such as catamaran sailing, surfboarding, kayaking, banana boats and wind surfing.
The beach clubhouse offers instructional diving and sailing activities.
A spectacular promenade overlooks the beach, winding along the cliffs and kurkar ridges. The area is perfect for romantic walks.
Sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the area to go for a scenic run. The hotel also offers bicycles.
Kids must see the new state-of-the-art playground on the promenade.
For adventure-seekers, there are paragliders and non-motorized water surfing where you can be accompanied by a guide.

Mishmar HaSharon Resevoir

Skate Park

The skate park is located in the Winter Lake Park and covers avery large area (3 dunam).
The complex includes extreme sport activities and skating facilities.
There are also gardens and shade covered areas for more leisure activities.

Talking Heads Lecture Series

A variety of lectures on topics ranging from science, culture, philosophy, history, politics, economics, art, technology, etc. await you at the cultural and social community center in Tel Mond. The lectures are delivered by experts in their field, including social and intellectual figures, politicians, academics, researchers, scientists, artists, writers, and journalists.

HaOgen Climbing Wall

One of the largest climbing centers is located in Kibbutz HaOgen.
The center offers climbing walls for all levels, and the structure includes large tracks that make it an impressive and fun area.

Kibbutz HaOgen: 09-8942586/050-8884776

Gal Yam Surf School

Founded in 2006, the Gal Yam Surfing School can be found on Poleg Beach, north of the restaurant complex.
The school offers surfing lessons while emphasizing safety, professionalism, and pure fun. The school offers private surfing lessons, classes for all levels, and surfing camps for kids and teenagers during summer break and holidays.
The school even organizes surfing trips abroad.

Address: Gal Yam Surf Club, Poleg Beach, north of the restaurant complex, Netanya.
Telephone: 09-9555950

Paragliding Clubhouse at Poleg Beach

Come and enjoy a fantastic paragliding experience with a qualified and experienced instructor!
The Paragliding Clubhouse on Poleg Beach, you can choose a peaceful or adrenaline filled exciting experience!
The attraction is suitable in the summer (May - September) and takes place above Netanya’s beautiful cliffs and sandy beaches in the paragliding area.

Book in advance for availability.
Open all week, including Friday and Saturday.
Open 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Enter via Poleg Interchange.

054-6554466/77 / [email protected]

Netanya Market

The Netanya Market is considered one of the most beautiful and colorful markets in the country.
Here you’ll find the vegetables and fruits alongside a variety of pastries and breads, plus restaurants meat and fish shops, clothing stores, and fragrant spices, which give the market its colorful and authentic character.
In recent years, the municipality has been working to turn it into a tourist-oriented market and entertainment area. For this reason, the venue was significantly upgraded to hold cultural events.
Artists’ galleries were also opened and the municipality launched the Sitar Music School, a gathering place for musicians, composers, singers, and sound technicians.

Antiques Fair and Collections

An antiques fair where antique collectors display antique tools, coins, dolls, stamps, etc.

Open every Thursday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Krause Street, Netanya.

Wineries and Culinary Experiences

The Vitkin Winery
The Vitkin Winery is considered one of the foremost wineries in Israel, thanks to its expertise in local and original varieties. At the vinery, you’ll find Carignan, Viognier, Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer, Cabernet Franc, Johannesburg Riesling, Petit Syrah and more.
Address: Turtle Bridge Road, Alexander Stream, Kfar Vitkin
Telephone: 09-8663505
Fax: 09-8664179
Email: [email protected]
Open: Sunday - Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM; Friday 9:00 - 4:00 PM
For groups of 10 people or more, by appointment only. No booking needed for individuals and families.

Recanati Winery
Recanati Winery was founded in 2000 by Lenny Recanati and Uri Shaked. Their goal was to establish a new winery that would produce quality and original Israeli wine. The winery's philosophy aims to create local wines that will best express the region’s climate, soil and vintage years.
The wine is produced from vineyards located in the highest-quality growing areas Israel. Unique Mediterranean varieties such as Petit Syrah, Marslan and Carignan, and local varieties, such as Maravi, are grown with great care in parallel with the cultivation of other classic international varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and other varieties.
Address: Recanati Winery, 16 Gesher HaEtz Street, Emek Hefer Industrial Park.
Telephone: 04-6222288

Alexander Winery
Alexander Winery, located in the midst of pecan trees and grape vineyards in Moshav Beit Yitzhak in the scenic Sharon plain, is one of Israel’s highest quality boutique wineries.
The art of winemaking of Alexander Winery combines tradition with innovative technology and advanced equipment.
The winery is part of a 100-year old tradition that began in Tunisia where the grandfather and father - Bruno and Alexander Sandro - produced homemade wine.
The face of Alexander on the logo pays homage to this tradition.
Location: Alexander Winery, Moshav Beit Yitzhak
Telephone: 09-8872076
Telephone: 054-4350180
Email: [email protected]

Jacobs Farm Cheese Inc.
In 1936, Yitzhak and Ruth Jacob arrived in the village of Kfar Haroeh in the Hefer Valley where they decided to establish their home and fulfill their dream of settling in the Land of Israel.
They soon began to make cheese for their household needs.
In 1997, the third generation decided to renew this ancestral tradition by establishing a dairy farm here. Their grandmother’s recipes served as the basis for their first recipes. With her help, they took up the art of cheesemaking and also acquired knowledge from traditional European methods of dairy production.
Today, the cheese is produced with modern equipment, using traditional methods as is common in small dairy production centers in Europe, while maintaining a safe and controlled production process.
The dairy farm produces milk from goats, sheep, and cows and produces nearly 25 varieties of cheeses, including hard, semi-hard, and soft cheeses, as well as yogurt.
Next to the dairy farm is a shop selling the dairy products. During your visit, you can also observe the cow milking process. The Jacobs farm believes in vision, faith, and family in their cheesemaking process.
Address: Jacobs Farm, Kfar Haroeh, Location: 38955
Telephone: 04-6366111 Telephone’s Shop: 04-6251266 Fax: 04-6308019

Planetanya - Planetarium Netanya

The Planetanya - Planetarium Netanya is within walking distance of the hotel.
The area is a center for science, space and Japanese cultural studies and includes a science garden, a Japanese garden, ecological pools, conference hall, learning workshops, and a digital planetarium with advanced illustration and projection equipment.
The center has activities and exhibits for all age groups and offers a wide-range of events on various topics tailored to different audiences.

Address: Chiyona (Sempo) Sugihara 1, Netanya
Open: Monday & Wednesday 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM; Thursday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM; Friday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM 

Alexander Brewery

Alexander Brewery was established in 2008 in the Hefer Valley near the Alexander River with a clear goal in mind - produce high-quality local Israeli beer!The Alexander Brewery is a boutique brewery focusing on producing quality, fresh, and delicious beer. The brewery produces beer in small quantities using modern equipment, which allows for strict control over the beer’s taste. 


Hansel and Gretel - Beer Garden - Phone: 052-4694266
Shamrock: Irish Pub - Phone: 073-7027217
Bamboo Village - Telephone: 09-8855550
Inigo Montoya - Telephone: 054-7088855
Shabtai - Pizza and Beer. Telephone: 4560*
Library Pub - Telephone: 052-2372522
Otto Bitan Aharon – Telephone: 09-7656958

Shahar Bakery

Shahar Bakery specializes in light, hand-made sourdough bread.
The bakery does not use flavor enhancers or yeast and there is no industrial sugar added, in accordance with the French baking style and tradition.
Additionally, there are a variety of confectionary, pastry, and coffee options.

Address: Kibbutz Mishmar Hashakon, Emek Hefer.
Open: Monday - Thursday 6:30 AM 8:00 PM; Friday and holiday eves 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Telephone :09-8983511

HaSharon Park and Alexander Stream

In HaSharon Park and Alexander Stream, you will enjoy extensive meadows including Tabor oaks, eucalyptus trees, and carob trees, plus a lake and waterfowl. There is an information station of the Israel National Parks Authority regarding paths and free tours. You can arrive by several says - from the Hadera south train station, from the Khirbet Samara winter road, and from Kibbutz Maabarot.

My Dear Dairy Farm in Kfar Netter

Between a goat shed and young vineyards, you’ll find the My Dear Dairy Farm, a boutique farm where the famed cheesemaker Lahat Paz produces quality preservative dairy products from pasteurized goat’s milk, including hard and soft cheeses, plus yogurt and goat’s milk.

Address: Ha-Shalom St 6, Kfar Netter
Open: Sunday - Thursday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM; Friday and holiday eve: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Turtle Bridge

The Turtle Bridge overlooks the Alexander Stream and the turtles below. From the bridge, you can also walk to the observation tower to enjoy spectacular views of the Hefer Valley and surrounding area.

Hefer Lake

The Bird Park is a new wetland area open to the public and located near Kibutz Ein HaHoresh in the Hefer Valley. The park spans 300 dunams (75 acres) and used to be the fish ponds of the kibbutz located by the Alexander Stream. The area is easily accessible and offers relaxing views and strolls alongside the reeds. There are various species of animals and explanatory signs of the local plants and wildlife.

How to get there? On Road 4, turn east at the Hefer Junction, near Kibbutz Maabarot, on a kurkar road and next to the Alexander Stream, until you reach the lake area.

Observation Deck

The Vickar Birdwatching Observation Deck, which overlooks the Hefer Valley, offers stunning waterfowl in particular that spend the winter in the area.

Yakum Park and Tel Poleg

A 500-dunam nature reserve right in front of the Wingate Institute, which boasts beautiful plants such as the Sharon lily, crimson iris, and Sharon tulips. Mount Tabor oak trees and terebinth trees can also be found here. Yakum Park is located close to the reserve and has a lake with geese. The area has, playgrounds, children’s play areas, and barbeque areas.

How to get there? The entrance to the park and reserve can be reached from Highway 2, through the parking lot at the main entrance to Kibbutz Yakum. Open on weekends only. 

Utopia Orchid Park

Located in the heart of the Sharon and just a 20-minute drive from Netanya, the Utopia Orchid Park boasts an enchanting tropical rain forest grows with orchids from around the world, tropical plants, a myriad of animals, butterfly garden, and even carnivorous plants. The 40-dunam park is partially covered and you can enjoy a relaxing walk in the botanical-ecological garden among scenic cliffs, pools, and waterfalls. Address: Kibbutz Bahan.

Telephone : 09-8782191/71
Website: www.utopiapark.co.il
Email: [email protected]

Beit HaRishonim

The Bitan Aharon Nature Reserve is home to the Beit HaRishonim, a beautiful 19-century arched structure built by Antoine Bishara Tian, a Lebanese Christian Arab, who owned land in Wada Hawarit, or the Hefer Valley. From the building, you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the entire Hefer Valley.

Artists Fair

Creative artists in fields of painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, photography, and sculpture  present their work in this venue.
When? Every Friday between 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM.

Address: Krause Street, Netanya.

Botanical Garden - Ruppin Junction

In 1949, a farm was founded to focus on the horticulture and growth of ornamental plants. Plants are collected from around the globe and planted in the farm. They are monitored and examined to determine their sustainability with the local conditions, as well as for ornamental plants in gardens. The botanical garden currently serves as a showing site for ornamental plants with important historical, botanical, and horticultural value, including a variety of unique plant species. Plants were brought in from all over the world. They have undergone a process of acclimation and are distributed to a variety of plant nurseries around the country. The garden is available for public visits, learning experiences, and relaxing strolls. The garden is a national training center for ornamental horticultural studies.

Open: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM; Friday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

To schedule guided tours and group visits: 09-8988103
Email: [email protected]

Winter Pond Park

Netanya’s Winter Pond Park is surrounded by large eucalyptus trees, which provide shade for picnics and barbeques. The area also provides birds with a place to nest and rest. The birds in the area include loons and spur-winged lapwings. In summer, the pond is full of dense, green vegetation. In winter, there are aquatic animals and aquatic vegetation. Across the road and towards the sea is the Iris Reserve, which blooms in winter and early spring. The pond area has open spaces and playground facilities.

“White Bear” Park

The “White Bear” park combines climbing and extreme activities such as jumping activities, climbing walls, a ropes park, circus facilities, and other challenging experiences. In the summer, there are also wet activities, such as a unique water rifle complex.

Address: Tsvi HaNahal St 21., Hefer Valley Industrial Park
Telephone: 04-6896078
Email: [email protected]

Copacabana Escape Room

The Copacabana Escape Room is designed as a hotel where you’ll be taken on a special guided tour. The hotel is on the shoreline and every view offers a breathtaking panorama of the Mediterranean. You’ll also find other attractions such as two pools, a spa, gym, and more. All you have to do is come prepared to have fun! We can only hope that the tour will go smoothly and that you want have any problems along the way.

Address: Beit HaRishonim 22, Hefer Valley Industrial Park.
Telephone: 046144375

Jump2 – Trampoline Park

The new trampoline park in Netanya is a safe and fun complex designed for family fun. The park offers a variety of trampolines and attractions, divided by age into different complexes. The complex is built so that you’ll always be able to see your kids jumping around, while you sit on the top terrace drinking a cup of coffee or tea.
The trampoline park is conveniently located inside the Netanya Stadium, by the Sapir train station. Buses and taxis arrive right at the entrance. There is also a parking lot. The complex is accessible and to people with disabilities.

Gouje and Daniel

The Gouje and Daniel restaurant offers French and Italian inspired dishes with local touches. Emphasis is placed on natural, seasonal, and fresh ingredients, including a variety of vegetables from local farms, alongside quality fish, seafood, and meat. Dishes include homemade pasta and a variety of dishes baked in the Italian oven.
Gouge and Daniel offers a rich wine menu with wines from Israel and around the globe.The combination of the unique culinary experience, stylishg design, and sheer enjoyment of the spectacular views only further complement the delicious recipes.

Address: Anshi Bereishit Street (near the water tower), Moshav Bnei Zion
Telephone: 053-9428618

Tel Yitzhak

Owned by Harel Blau, the restaurant offers Italian-French-Greek inspired Mediterranean cuisine. There is a Tabun oven and a small coffee shop just by the kibbutz. The restaurant is divided into three core areas: the interior space, the bar with seating around the Tabun oven and open kitchen, and an outside area with various fruit trees, fragrant plants and herbs where children can play.

Address: Tel Yitzhak
Telephone: 09-7411110


Enjoy a Greek tavern in Bitan Aharon. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a Greek summer holiday with authentic food in a design that will remind you of a tiny Greek island. The food is simple, but delicious and includes Greek gyros smeared with olive oil, souvlaki, and various Greek salads and dips.

Where? Bitan Aharon.
Telephone: 09-8933022

Art & About Gallery

The gallery is in Hefer Valley Industrial Park and displays paintings, photographs, and sculptures.

Open: Tuesday - Thursday 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM; Friday 11:00 - 2:00 PM; Saturday noon - 6:00 PM. The gallery is closed on Sunday and Monday.
Address: Tsvi HaNahal St 7., Hefer Valley Industrial Park
Telephone: 04-8271425

Ir Yamim Mall

The mall boasts a modern and impressive design and blends in perfectly with the green surroundings and Netanya coastline. The mall includes leading fashion chains, unique boutique shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. In the mall, you can enjoy plenty of family-fun activities.

Address: Bnei Berman 2, Poleg, Netanya.
Directions: Exit Highway 2 on the Poleg Interchange. Turn west towards the direction of the sea. Exit at the second traffic light. The mall is on the left.
Open Sunday - Thursday 9:30 AM - 9:30 PM; Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM; Saturday: 30 minutes after sunset until 10:30 PM.

Hansel and Gretel - Beer Garden

A family bar in the Poleg industrial area of Netanya with good music, a large alcohol selection, and excellent food. Enjoy a beer in garden and a wide variety sandwiches, salads, tapas, bruschetta, bourekas, and sweets. There are plenty of alcoholic drinks to choose from. Sometimes, the bar also holds concept evenings.

Address: Yad Harutzim 3, Netanya.
Telephone: 052-4694266

Shamrock: Irish Pub

Shamrock Pub was established in the Poleg industrial area of Netanya in 2006. Shamrock’s signature home cocktail is called IRA, after the Irish organization. The drink is particularly strong. In addition, traditional Irish pub dishes are served, including smoked goose, chicken breast, a cheese platter, fries, and more.

Address: Arie Regev 2, Poleg Industrial Area, Netanya
Telephone: 073-7027217

Bamboo Village

The Bamboo Village beach restaurant invites you to enjoy a uniquely Israeli culinary experience. The locale combines a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere with a menu serving quality dishes. Come and enjoy the your meal against the backdrop of the spectacular Mediterranean and hear the crashing of the waves only 40 meters away from the seating area. Be sure to show up during the evening to see the beautiful sunset.

Address: Poleg Beach, Netanya
Telephone: 09-8855550

Cinema City

The Rogovin Federman Shopping Center in Netanya on Highway 2 has the largest and most central entertainment complex in the Sharon region.
The new Cinema City offers a unique entertainment experience with ten state-of-the-art movie theaters, plus leading restaurants and eateries.

Inigo Montoya

Inigo Montoya was established in 2005 and boasts a wide alcohol selection, rich menu, and a festive atmosphere every evening. The locale’s center was designed by Michael Azoulay and is a bar surrounded by several seating levels in a modern lounge style. There is a different DJ every evening who creates a warm atmosphere and lively environment.

Address: Am Haderech Mall, Moshav Beit Herut, 40291
Telephone: 054-7088855

Library Pub

Library Pub is located in M Hadarech Mall in Beit Yanai. The pub has pleasant atmosphere with a wide selection of beers and dishes. Sometimes, there are also live performances.

Address: M Hadarech Mall in Beit Yanai
Telephone: 052-2372522
Open: Sunday - Thursday 2:00 - 8:00 PM; Friday 3:00 PM - 9:45 PM; Saturday 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM


The pub combines the perfect atmosphere for pizza and beer and is fun for all ages. Shabatai offers nine types of draft beer from Israel and around the world. The professional bar staff knows the best suitable glass for each beer. All pizzas are baked by hand using local and fresh ingredients according to old and beloved recipes.

Shabati Kfar Vitkin
Address: Eastern entrance, Kfar Vitkin

Shabatai Even Yehuda
Address: HaRimon 1, Even Yehuda
Telephone: 4560*

Otto Bitan Aharon

Otto is a state-of-the-art neighborhood bar that provides an amazing entertainment experience, whether it’s sipping an afternoon beer alone or having a fun dinner with friends. The branding, professional service and unique atmosphere create a vivacious and lively experience. You’ll be sure to want to come back again.

Address: Bitan Shopping Center. Bitan Aharon.
Open: Sunday - Saturday 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Telephone: 09-7656958

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