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Indigo Tel Aviv
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At the heart of the Israeli Diamond Exchange District, minutes from one of the world renowned Fashion schools, lies apiece of paradise: Indigo Tel Aviv Hotel and Spa, roof top infinity pool, Japanese restaurant and a brand new Spa.
A couple’s only, quiet hotel, perfect for business and calm vacation. The new renovated spa offers treatments for your choice and the Indigo roof top bar will cater for your choice of cocktail to complement the urban sunset views.
Located between Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan this hotel and spa are just 10 minutes’ drive from Azrieli shopping center, 15 minutes from Tel Aviv beach, 20 minutes from Ben Gurion airport. Located very close to Ramat Gan ‘Yahalom’ theatre that offers a variety of shows, the new restaurant complex “Containers” and in the center of Tel Aviv’s night life and vibrant bars.
The hotel’s modern design was inspired by its surrounding neighborhood:the elite Shenkar fashion house and the shine of the most coveted gem in the world - the diamond. The design combines in harmony, functionality and vision, an urban chic, sophisticated and elegant European style, yet with warm andtrendy middle eastern ambience. The hotel offers a rooftop pool, which has the most magnificent view and the hotel’s bar “Indigo Bar”.
Welcome to the good life.

History of the Neighborhood  
 The neighborhood history of Tel Aviv Indigo hotel and spa starts in the 1930’s, when Belgian immigrants settled here and brought with them the skills of cutting and refining diamonds. Over the years, they drew international attention, and Tel Aviv rapidly became a world center of trading and making diamonds.
When you arrive at the Indigo hotel and spa, you can see that the history of the diamonds establishment, is integrated in thedetailsof the hotel design.The diamond’s creation and shine are the inspiration for our boutique hotel.

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