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Sparadise Spa
Sometimes, you just need to unplug from the daily stress, take a deep breath and simply be in tune with your body. For these moments precisely, the luxurious and trendy Sparadis Spa is intended for at Tel Aviv Indigo hotel. The hotel’s spa floor includes 5 therapy rooms, including a couple’s therapy room, and offers an ideal solution for people that look for a spa hotel in Tel Aviv, while placing maximum emphasis on complete privacy and maximum comfort. The spa’s careful and solid design exudes a sense of entering another dimension. The elegant and relaxed ambiance, and the variety of massages and pampering treatments provide the perfect tranquility and relaxation experience for the body and mind.

The spa includes:
5 Therapy rooms (one of which is for couple therapy - there is a 50 ILS surcharge for booking the couple therapy room)
Dry Sauna (separate men/women dressing rooms, and suitable to hold up to 6 people at the same time)
Recommended Treatments
Deep Tissue Massage
Slow, deep, focused and intensive treatment for sore muscles, stress points and pain.

Combination Massage
Massage that combines different elements and massaging techniques. It alleviates sore muscles and leads to rejuvenating the body.

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