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Poli House


Carmel Market

The Carmel Market is a minute's walk from the Poli House Hotel and offers a great authentic experience to its visitors. The colorful stalls, the smells and sounds are a perfect recipe for an unforgettable tour of one of Tel Aviv's oldest and most intriguing markets. Along with the traditional stalls of multitude fruits, vegetables and spices, you can find small shops and cafes in the Carmel Market.

Nahalat Binyamin

Nahalat Binyamin street adjacent to the Carmel market has always been the home of artists and creators. During the week you will find here sculptors, painters, glass artists, illustrators and many others. This is the perfect place to find an original art work or a special gift for the one you love, one that cannot be found anywhere else

Tel Aviv port

The Port of Tel Aviv is one of the well-known and famous entertainment centers of the city that never rests. You can get there while walking leisurely for about half an hour on the way you can enjoy the  renewed promenade. After being renovated and redesigned, Tel Aviv Port is a wonderful complex for couples and families with a variety of leisure activities, sports attractions, food and entertainment.

Tel Aviv Promenade

On the Tel Aviv boardwalk you can tour any way you want: regular or electric bicycles, scooters, skateboards and of course - on foot. Along the boardwalk you can find restaurants, pubs and cafes, and free access to the beautiful Tel Aviv beaches from the northern section up to Jaffa in the south.

The STATION area

The STATION complex became in a very short time, one of the hot centers of attraction in Tel Aviv. Near the Neve Tzedek neighborhood and the Menashiya neighborhood, about a 20-minute walk from the Poli House Hotel, stands the first train station that moved between Turkey and Egypt and replaced the camel caravans for the heavy loads that needed to be transferred. The station was carefully restored and turned into a lively urban complex with cafes, restaurants, and interesting boutiques that blend into the historical environment. In the evenings there are cultural events, exhibitions of Israeli designers and artists.

Dizengoff Center

The mall that was opened in the late 1970s continues even today, more than 40 years after its establishment, to attract thousands of tourists and shoppers every week. Dizengoff Center covers an area of ​​102 thousand square meters and offers about 400 fashion stores, optics, jewelry, footwear, books, design, housewares, electronics and computers, music, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and more. Its location is about 13 minutes' walk from the Poli House Hotel, and every Friday there is a food fair with a variety of authentic home-cooked dishes.

Old Jaffa

In one of the oldest cities in the world there is also an ancient port that serves as a meeting and recreation place. You can reach Old Jaffa by a leisurely walk of about half an hour from Poli House Hotel and on Saturdays there are artist fairs and street performances. Not far from there, in Kedumim square, the spectacular view of Tel Aviv awaits you next to excellent and steaming restaurants, the famous flea market, the beautiful stone streets, pastoral alleys and great cafes that attract curious tourists who enjoy the food and the atmosphere.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Come soak up some local and international culture. Visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which since its establishment in 1932 has become one of Israel's most important contemporary art museums. During your visit, you will be able to admire important works of great artists such as Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Oscar Claude Monet, Roy Lichtenstein, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Salvador Dali, Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt and more. The museum can be reached by bus (line 25) from the Carmel Market area in Allenby.

Yarkon Park

Come and catch some nature, and some peace and quiet during your Tel Aviv vacation, at the Yarkon Park. The large green lung of Tel Aviv extends over 3,500 dunams and offers a real experience for couples and families. Unique gardens await you there, such as the tropical garden and the rock garden, beautiful hiking trails with thousands of species of plants, and you can also rent a pair of bicycles and pedal along the path along the stream.


An intimate bar right at the poolside, on Poli House Hotel roof. The unique place has become a Tel Aviv attraction and offers a selection of drinks and cocktails, small tasty dishes, an excellent playlist and a spectacular panoramic view of the city of Tel Aviv.
Operation hours: 23:00-10:00

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