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Dead Sea Attractions

Masada is not only an impressive historical site located in the Dead Sea area, but one of the most impressive and important archaeological sites in Israel, attracting tourists from across the country and globe. Masada has a modern tourist-friendly visitor center where you can find explanations, maps, and brochures. The center also has a kiosk, restaurant, souvenir shop, and shaded picnic tables. The site itself is very clean and organized. There are public toilets, drinking water fountains, and numerous places to rest along the route.

To reach the site, you can walk along the “Snake Path” or use the cable car to reach the summit. The cable car takes only a couple of minutes. The hike lasts about an hour and is suitable for adults and children over 5. Before ascending the mount, you can watch a fascinating presentation which provides background information about the site. The tour can be done independently or with a guide.

The remains of the citadel on the mountain’s summit serves as the winter residence of King Herod from 35 CE and included two palaces, a living area, ballroom, food storage areas, and an impressive water management system. However, Masada is best known as the last stand of a handful of Jewish Zealots, who preferred to die by suicide rather than acquiesce to the demands of the Roman Empire. Hence, over the years, it has become a symbol of Jewish heroism and heritage. Spectacular views of the Judean Desert and Dead Sea await you from Masada’s peak.

Open: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM , Telephone for details: 08-6584207

Kibbutz Ein Gedi
The botanical garden at Kibbutz Ein Gedi has a large and impressive collection of various plants from across the globe. This site is undoubtedly one of the top sites in the Dead Sea area. The tour of the kibbutz’s botanical garden is fascinating, wonderful, and a true pleasure for all the senses. The surrounding desert landscape with its beautiful brown shades, lovely green corners, and enchanting blue from the Dead Sea all blend together harmoniously to give an experience of heaven on earth.

The fertile soil and distinct regional climate enable the botanical garden’s vegetation to thrive and bloom quickly. There are more than 1000 types of plant species and hundreds of rare cacti from all corners of the globe, as well as pomegranate trees, palm trees, adenium flowers, oleander shrubs, poinciana trees, fig trees, and various other desert plants, herbs, and shrubs from Africa, Australia, and North America.

Mitzpe Arugot is situated at the northern edge of the botanical garden and offers stunning views of the Ein Gedi spring, ancient Tel Goren, the Moab Mountains, and Nahal Arugot (Arugot stream). The ancient synagogue of Ein Gedi, which was active during the Talmudic era, is located right by the botanical garden. Even at night, you can take a tour of the vegetation and enjoy the spectacular blooming plants, pleasant smells, and mysterious night sounds. The botanical garden also offers a guided tour, which includes a presentation, a tour with explanations and maps in the garden entrance and throughout the path, and a visit to an animal farm.

Ein Bokek
A classic family-friendly hiking trail in water for the whole family, located in the lowest point on earth. You can reach the ravine in just 10 minutes from the hotel. The shallow water flows in the middle of the desert inside a shaded canyon full of vegetation. Ein Bokek stream is located next to Highway 90, in front of the Ein Bokek hotel complex, and can be reached via Arad or from the north of the Dead Sea or Jerusalem.

The beginning of the path is marked by a brown sign, which points to the stream about 500 meters south of the northern entrance to the hotel complex. Park in the parking lot north or south of the stream. Then, carefully go down a short and steep path into the stream, surrounded by Tamarix trees. At the beginning of the path, walk into a stream of shallow, clear water in the shade of the canyon’s cliffs, Tamarix trees, and reeds, until you reach a series of small, refreshing water pools and waterfalls.

There are concrete steps with a railing leading to the first large pool and continuing towards the stream. It’s recommended to stop here to take in the serene landscape and amazing views. After another 5-minute walk up the stream, on the dry path of the stream’s bank or inside the stream itself, you’ll reach another pool with a small waterfall and strong currents. From the upper pool, return the way you came where it’s possible to walk in the water. You can also take the faster route via the path on the bank, which leads to the parking lot.

During holidays and peak vacation season, it’s recommended to come early in the morning before the path becomes too crowded with hotel guests and other travelers.

Qumran National Park
Qumran National Park is located nearby Kibbutz Kayla in the northern Dead Sea. The site is identified with the Essene sect and the hidden scrolls discovered in the area’s caves. The uncovered artifacts attract Christian and Jewish travelers alike, who regard Qumran as an attractive and interesting site to discover the history and life during the Second Temple Period, as well as the beginning of Christianity in the Land of Israel.

Open: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Telephone: 02-9942235

Attractions in the Ein Gedi Reserve

Nahal Arugot (Arugot Stream)
Nahal Arugot is an impressive stream and the basin into which all rainwater in the Judean Desert drains. The stream’s upper tributaries originate east of Hebron and empty into it north of Ein Gedi. Nahal Arugot is considered a large stream with a drainage basin comprising more than 200 square kilometers of water. The final kilometers of the stream flow into a huge canyon, which reaches a depth of 500 meters. Spring water flows into it year-round. The hiking trail along the canyon is particularly impressive. It starts from the parking lot area and winds through the “hidden waterfall” to the upper pools. During summer, the amount of water in the stream is relatively small. However, in winter, the river fills with rainwater and floods the area.

Nahal David (David Stream)
Nahal David flows year-round and offers a classic water hike. You can enjoy a walk in the oasis located in the northern area of the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. Even at the reserve’s entrance, you’re likely to encounter herds of ibex or hyraxes. They are used to hikers in the reserve and are almost unmoved by enthusiastic children and parents photographing them, even while they’re relaxing. Pass the acacia trees and after a few hundred meters, and you’ll reach the stream and a small waterfall. From there, continue up the path via the stairs to the cave above the hidden waterfall and pool below. Make sure to take a refreshing dip here. After another short walk, you’ll reach the Shulamit Waterfall. There you’ll enjoy the water pool and the green shrubbery that grows along the walls of the waterfall. From there, head back on south side of the stream to the reserve’s entrance.

Lower Nahal David
The path is very kid-friendly. It’s short, safe, and suitable for the entire family. During the course of the trail, you’ll move between water pools and waterfalls until reaching the Shulamit Waterfall. At the beginning of the path, you’ll enjoy a concentration of trees typical to the area, such as acacia, jujube, and the poisonous Dead Sea apple.

Upper Nahal David
A path for nature lovers, which begins at the David Waterfall and winds upwards towards the Shulamit Spring, ending in the Dodim Cave and Ein Gedi Spring. The path offers beautiful views of the oasis and the Dead Sea. Archaeological enthusiasts can also enjoy the Chalcolithic Temple, an ancient flour mill, and other ancient water and agriculture facilities.

Springs in the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
There are 4 springs in the Ein Gedi Reserve - David Spring, Argut Spring, Shulamit Spring, and Ein Gedi Spring - which flow on the slopes between the streams. In recent years, some of the natural springs have been diverted to the Ein Gedi water plant, which has significantly reduced water flow.
A path of medium difficulty beings on the western side of Highway 90 (Jerusalem-Eilat), a few kilometers north of the Dead Sea factories, right in front of a group of old, abandoned residential buildings. At the beginning of the path, go up the stairs (there are quite a few!) to Mount Sodom. After this, continue north to the mountain for amazing views of the Dead Sea and Jordan.
Ein Gedi/ Nahal David Nature Reserve Telephone: 08-6584285
Ein Gedi Antiquities National Park 08-9170586
Nahal Arugot ‎08-6118860
Email: [email protected]
Entrance to the park closes one hour before the announced times.
Last possible entrance to Nahal Arugot is 2:00 PM.
Summer Hours: Sunday-Thursday & Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Friday & holiday eves: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
Winter Hours: Sunday-Thursday & Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, on Friday & holiday eves: 8:00 AM -5:00 PM.

Restaurants and shopping

Taj Mahal
A Bedouin-style restaurant with delicious, traditional food makes the Taj Mahal one of the most popular eateries in the area. You can grab something on your way to the hotel, sit down for a family meal at lunch, or for a romantic evening out. The space also can hold events for up to 300 diners.
Don’t miss the varied shish kebabs, colorful salads, and shakshuka with Merguez sausage.
Taj Mahal - Ein Bokek, 053-9367990

Last Chance
The Last Chance restaurant is located on the main road between the Dead Sea and Jerusalem, a little after Almog Junction. The magical roadside locale was painstakingly built from locally sourced stones, reeds, date trees and a whole lot of love. Some of the dishes on Last Chance’s meat menu include hummus with shawarma, lamb chops, or kebab. Among other things, the dairy menu includes a tuna, fire-roasted pepper, and yellow cheese sandwich wrapped in a Tunisian laffa.
Don’t miss the shakshuka with Merguez sausage. We admit that it gives the Taj Mahal’s same dish a good fight. Our recommendation is to try both and compare!
Last Chance - Rose of Jericho 053-9438754

Dead Sea Mall
This new mall opened at the end of 2018 at the lowest point in the world. It’s right by the Ein Tchelet shopping center in the middle of the hotel strip. The mall always offers a VAT-free (17%) shopping experience, making it one of the most sought after shopping spots.
In the mall, you’ll find a over a hundred stores of major global chains including Tommy Hilfiger, Armani Exchange, and Ralph Lauren, plus leading Israeli brands such as Fox and Castro.
As befitting of the Dead Sea area and attractions, the mall offers a beauty and grooming center where globally renowned cosmetic brands are sold.
Opening Hours: 9:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Telephone: 077-9985343, Ein Bokek

In the hotel

The hotel hosts a splendid and relaxing pool. After a while, you’ll want to jump in!
Want to go to the beach? No problem! It’s within walking distance and we mean it. All you have to do is get out of the pool and just in a second you’ll be at the beach.
The pool is located outside the hotel. There is also a children’s pool. The pool area has places for sunbathing with beach umbrellas, sun loungers, and beach beds overlooking the sea. Apart from the cheerful children’s play, the area is peaceful, quiet, and accommodating.
All hotel guests enjoy free entry to the pool. The swimming pool is not heated and is open year-round from 7:00 AM to 5:15 PM.

Kikar Sodom

The lowest place on Earth.
Moshav Neot HaKikar and Moshav Ein Tamar invite you for a captivating and unique tourist experience just a 25-minute drive away from the Dead Sea hotels.

The site is located in the heart of the desert at the mouth of the Tzin and Arava streams facing the Red Mountains in a stunning salt flat and marl rock landscape. Agriculture is advanced even in this arid area. In spring, the desert blooms with melons and watermelons. In fall, date trees and migratory birds abound. In the winter, the streams flood and there is even snow on the Red Mountains.

The area also boasts fine relaxing rural accommodations, restaurants, and art galleries.
Open year-round, it’s recommended to come in spring, autumn, and winter.

Directions: From Beersheva, take Highway 25 to the Arava Junction. Continue straight on Highway 90 towards the Dead Sea until the entrance to Moshav Neot HaKikar and Moshav Ein Tamar. From the Dead Sea hotels, drive about 22 km (about 14 miles) south to Highway 90 towards Arava Junction to the entrance to the moshavim.

Telephone: 08-9975010
Fax: 08-9975010
Email: [email protected]

Neve Midbar (Desert Oasis) Beach

What’s there?
A colorful beach with natural black mud deposits and golden sea sand. Quality service, an air conditioned restaurant, exotic beach bar, authentic Bedouin tent and garden large enough to hold events for family gatherings and parties await you. There’s also a beach volleyball compound.

The place offers exciting day trips to book including jeep tours, rappelling, bicycle tours, active vacations, beach parties, performances, events, and an authentic Bedouin tent feast. Free entry to children 6 and under! Due to the beach’s unique environment, barbeques are not allowed.
Opening Hours: From 8:30 AM until sunset. Night activities and events must be coordinated in advance.

Kalia Beach, Northern Dead Sea, 25-minute drive from Jerusalem.
Telephone: 02-9942781
Fax: 02-9942782

Mineral Beach - Northern Dead Sea

What’s there?
A quaint beach, not far from Mitzpe Shalem with a hot sulfur pool and freshwater pool (both indoors). The Mineral Beach offers Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, and reflexology. Book in advance. There are grassy areas and shaded pavilions.
Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (close an hour early in winter).

Telephone: 02-9944888
Fax: 02-9944488

Zman Midbar

A magical site situated in the Judean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea and Moab and Red Mountains. Here you’ll find a spacious tent designed to host various workshops:

Efrat Sar Shalom, a guide to love, peace and brotherhood.
Sefi Hanegbi, a desert man with a peaceful vision.

Zman Midbar: Inner and outer peace can never be separated.
The purpse of “Zman Midbar” is to teach people how to create peace in our lives and then extend it to the whole world. We embrace the desert, and its beautiful landscapes and spaces, to serve as a mirror for all things within us.

Workshops include:
  • Leadership and team building exercises.
  • Awareness of self and other activities.
  • Peaceful neighborly relations courses.
  • Campfire cooking.
  • A course in miracles.

Creation in nature study trips, a special program to get to know the desert and the people living in it.

Lectures: Consciousness and self-awareness, the desert and its residents.

How to get there? Contact us and we’d be happy to explain how to reach us.
Telephone: 08-6340041
Email: [email protected]

Canaanite Experience in Tel Arad

A desert hotel for a variety of activities and events.
A five thousand year old Canaanite city was uncovered in Tel Arad. A large fortress with an ancient and unique temple from the times of the kings of Judah was reconstructed here.
The Canaanite Experience is offers wide-ranging activities and events.

The building architectural design is unique and construction was undertaken with natural materials. The space can hold events for various audiences and a large number of participants for private, public, and institutional events.

A wide variety of workshops, catering, and overnight group hosting events are available. There are guided tours to the site and its surroundings, as well as other nature, music, and dancing activities. Other workshops include challenging desert exercises and mud building seminars. You can also visit the archaeological excavations in Tel Arad.

Open: Year-round, except Yom Kippur.
Directions: Take the highway from Tel Aviv to Beersheva. Turn east at the Lehavim Junction and then drive towards Shoket Junction. Continue east to Arad on Highway 31.
At the Tel Arad Junction turn north and continue on to the Tel Arad National Park

Telephone: 08-9950190, 052-3397200
Fax: 08-6512012

AHAVA Visitor Center in Mitzpe Shalem

A shopping center of AHAVA, the world-renowned Israeli cosmetic company, which makes its products using Dead Sea ingredients. It’s possible to watch the production, filling, and packaging hall, plus the entire production process in an explanatory video. Beauty guidance and advice from attendants is available in various languages.

The factory of AHAVA products is located here and offers attractive prices. You can receive tailored beauty advice here. Admission is free.

Directions: Take the highway from Jerusalem to Ein Gedi and turn at Kibbutz Mitzpe Shalem.
Telephone: 02-9945117, 02-9945123
Fax: 02-9945122

Ein Gedi Tourist Center

Plenty of desert experiences located in the heart of Israel’s top desert tourist attractions:

Mitzpe Argut: a charming coffee shop overlooking the canyon cliffs of the Arugot Stream and Mount Tzruya. The site boasts an amazing combination of beautiful nature and excellent coffee and desserts, including the well-known carrot cake of Ein Gedi.
Botanical Garden: a guided tour of this spectacularly unique garden located in the heart of the desert. The garden offers an abundance of rare trees and plants from all corners of the globe. The tour combines fascinating anecdotes and an introduction to the garden’s vegetation.

Desert Car Safari: Off-road trips with new and specialized desert 4X4 off-road trucks with 45 seats in each truck. There are various, fascinating trips to lovely desert locales accompanied by expert desert guides available for any site and request.

Ein Gedi Inn: A kosher restaurant located on the shores of the Dead Sea, situated behind the Paz Ein Gedi gas station. You’ll find hot and cold meals, a salad bar, a wide selection of entrees, hot and cold refreshments, and delicious cakes and sweets. A clean and free beach is located right by the restaurant. There are also sports halls a heated pool, and a luxurious ballroom suitable for disco events.

Desert Spirit: The best way to mark and celebrate small events with a unique design and personalized touch. The botanical garden provides each event with an idyllic, natural, and special setting. Ein Gedi Land - Desert Magic: A tourist center offering fantastic lectures, experienced and knowledgeable guides, a heated swimming pool, ballroom, and sports halls

Open all day. Book in advance.
Telephone: 08-6594726 / 08-6594757
Fax: 08-6520145

Safari Ein Gedi

Exciting field trips in modern 4X4 safari trucks with 45 seats. The trucks are able to easily navigate in the desert landscape and provide access to beautiful and interesting sites such as the:
  • Judean Desert - fascinating history of the large canyons, Hyrcania, Marsaba Monastery, and cisterns.
  • Jerusalem corridor - a trip that includes anecdotes from Israel’s War of Independence.
  • Negev - fascinating sites such as ancient Incense Trade Route, Mount Karkom, and Vardit Canyon.
  • Golan Heights.
  • Jordan - special trips to enjoy the magical desert landscape at night.
  • Trips range from a half day to seven days, including a wide range of accommodation and discounted options.
Directions: On the Highway 90 from Jerusalem to Masada, about 5 km (3 miles) south of Kibbutz Ein Gedi. Travel time from Jerusalem is about an hour. From Tel Aviv, it will take about two hours.

Telephone: 08-6594726, 08-6594757
Fax: 08-6520145


Close to the discovery point of the Dead Sea scrolls, you’ll find an Israeli shopping center for cosmetics and care products based on Dead Sea minerals, a store of authentic jewelry, and plenty of books and souvenirs.

There is a self-service buffet restaurant featuring Mediterranean-style home-cooked food. The restaurant is air conditioned and can sit about 350 people. There are another 100 seats on the terrace, which is also used for events. The restaurant has a spectacular view of the Dead Sea and Moab Mountains. It is possible to combine dining and bathing on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Recommended dishes - home-cooked food, salad bar, shawarma and falafel.
Diners in the restaurant receive a 20% special discount to the Qumran site.

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Directions: From Jerusalem, take Highway 1 to the Lido gas station junction. From there, continue about 5 km (3 miles) south on Highway 90 to the Kibbutz Kalia Junction.
Telephone: 02-99363301/2, 02-9943317
Fax: 02-9942533
Email: [email protected]

Caracal Desert Tours

Event producers in the travel sector: organizing and leading complex day trips including scheduling and producing night events with VJing, artists, high-class catering, and pyrotechnics. Caracal Desert Tours specializes in producing events and fantastical desert-themed events rich in natural scenery and elements in the heart of the desert. Excursions and events include nature, music, and treats.

Jeep tours for individuals and families are offered daily, leaving the Ein Bokek Dead Sea Hotels for routes lasting two hours in open or air-conditioned jeeps. Guides are available in English and Hebrew.

Additional Services:
  • Rappelling
  • Jeep tours
  • Guided tours/ instruction
  • Barbeque
  • Field trips
  • Attractions
  • Zip-line
  • VJing and pyrotechnics
Open: Year-round, except for Israeli Memorial Day and Yom Kippur. To book by phone, Caracal’s jeeps will offer pick-up from a predetermined point.
For individuals and groups. there are regular departures from the Dead Sea Hotels. For trips around Israel, call the office.

Notice: Caracal has special licenses from the Ministry of Transportation for tours in a desert vehicle. Caracal holds all necessary insurances, including passenger transport insurance and third-party insurance. The company’s jeeps are mostly Land Rover and Storm models.

Telephone: 08-6520444
Fax: 08-6520445

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